Which time period helped drive sports the most?

Sports has a staggering affect upon American culture, starting its meteoric rise thanks to publications like the Police Gazette and the Spirit of the Times. Virtually every surge in sports’ popularity has been driven by an equally dramatic increase in media coverage, says media critic Robert McChesney. After reading his article, “Media Made Sport: A History of Sports Coverage in the United States,” argue which time periods have been the most significant to sports’ increased popularity – citing the reasons for your choices. Make sure you also comment on at least two other students’ posts.

Unforgivable Blackness

Here are some online resources you can use to get more information on Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion who faced extreme racism 100 years ago. His dominance over white fighters prompted race riots across the country. You can read (and listen to) an interview with the producer of Unforgivable Blackness by clicking here.

You can also read reviews of the book by the New York Times, by Joyce Carol Oates, and by the Boston Globe.